Santorini, a greek island like no other!

Santorini, a greek island like no other!

Santorini, a greek island like no other!

Santorini offers a unique experience that you have to live to the fullest.
It seems Santorini has it all, from the dramatic views to its very own active volcano. Moreover, offers one of the world’s most beautiful sunset. Besides, has naturally fantastic red, white or black pebble beaches. Furthermore, the traditional architecture with low-lying cubical houses. Also, the fortified beauties: castles and medieval forts.

Santorini has a unique natural beauty!

To begin with, it will impress you with cycladic architecture and a rich variety of landscapes, villages and towns. Some of those are perched along the top of a caldera with a crescent-shaped cliff. That is how remained after an enormous volcanic eruption.
Afterwards, the majestic island of Santorini offers you a unique chance. To sit on the rim of a massive active volcano. Also,to enjoy the exquisitely clear waters in the middle of the sea.
Therefore visit Santorini for an amazing experience and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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points of interest

All over the island are places to visit and history to know. Also, lots of things to see and experience. For instance the villages, beaches, sights, churches, museums, castles and fortresses. In addition,  vast vineyards, remains of the volcano, geysers. Last but not least, the giant lagoon surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs of 300 m (980 ft) high.

Villages in Santorini

are considered to be some the most beautiful villages in the Greek islands. For instance:


  • First of all Fira. Is the capital of Santorini. Its perched high up on the edge of the Caldera. Offers some of the greatest view to the volcano
  • Then Oia, the most famous of all villages for its  fantastic sunset;
  • Also Imerovigli, that provides some very romantic views;
  • Another one is Firostefani. It distinguishes for its traditional architecture;
  • Next, Pyrgo, a traditional village built on the slopes of a hill;
  • As well, Emporio. Surrounded by vast vineyards and old windmills. Also, known for the Castle on top of a hill;
  • Likewise Akrotiri. The most important archaeological site on island;
  • And Messaria, with cave houses that mark the architecture;
  • Finally Ammoudi, a small port that serves tour boats to the volcano.
santorini fira
santorini oia
santorini akrotiri lighthouse
santorini WHITE BEACH

Amazing Santorini beaches

Due to their special geographical features, are much different than other beaches in Greece. Namely:


  • To begin with, the Red beach. This one maybe the most famous beach of Santorini. It has red and black pebbles from the volcano. Also, hot water;
  • Secondly, the White beach. It’s right next to the Red beach with white surrounding cliffs;
  • Thirdly, the Kamari and Perissa beaches. Those two are separated by the enormous rock called Mesa Vouno;
  • Furthermore, Perivolos the longest black sand beach of Santorini;
  • Moreover, Vlychada that has a small port where fishing boats and yachts;
  • Also, Vourvoulos wich has strong wind that blows frequently. Sometimes, waves can be really huge;
  • In the same way Cape Columbo it often gets windy. Its surrounded by a wild landscape;
  • Similarly, Monolithos one of the most family-oriented beaches on Santorini;

Hidden castles and fortresses

In particular, admire the remains of the fortified settlements. Within their walls hold the history alive. To illustrate:


  • Firstly, Castle of Pyrgos. As well as the Church of Eisodion of Theotokou found at the highest point of the castle;
  • Secondly, the Fortress Skaros Rock. Built to protect the island from the pirates, offers some amazing views of the volcano;
  • Thirdly, the Castle of Agios Nikolaos in Oia;
  • Moreover, the Castle of Akrotiri in La Ponta . Definitely will enjoy an amazing time travel;
  • Also, the Tower of Nimborio (Emporio) at the west side of the village. It seems like it will jump off the hill.
santorini SKAROS ROCK
santorini emporio

Churches of great interest

With brightly blue domed, churches are so much photographed. Can be seen in the entire island, such as:


  • For instance the Orthodox Cathedral in Fira. Has beautiful frescoes painted by the local artist Christoforos Assimis;
  • Also, the Catholic Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. It distinguishes for its vibrant colors;
  • Noteworthy, the Dominican Convent. Is dedicated to Saint Catherine. It has 12 nuns from different countries;
  • Evenmore, the Monastery of Prophet Elias. In particular located on the highest peak of Santorini. Therefore it gives a gorgeous view of the island;
  • Moreover, the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos. Hosts important relics and Byzantine icons.

Museums of Santorini

Certainly offering an overview of the island’s history and culture throughout the age, including naval history and wine production. Some of the museums are:

  • For example the Ancient Thera Museum. Definitely is spectacular even from the outside. It hosts findings from the excavations in the sites of Akrotiri and other Cyclades islands;
  • Also the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine musical instruments;
  • Besides, The Folklore Museum that it is housed in a cave house of 1861. For sure you can participate there at workshops of traditional jobs. Also there is a small chapel and a underground winery;
  • Furthermore, the Nautical Museum. This one is located in an elegant mansion in Oia. Most important, houses shipping documents, nautical instruments and parts of ships. Also, a small library;
  • Moreover, the Argyros Mansion. It is a Neoclassical house, renovated, that works as a museum. Hosts traditional furniture, artistic objects and wall paintings;
  • Last but not least, the Archaeological museum. Definitely has a great collection of findings. For example sculptures, statues, and inscriptions from the Archaic to Roman times.
santorini nautical museum
santorini Argyros Mansio
santorini Folklore museum
santorini Museum of musical instruments
santorini Ancient Thera Museum
santorini monastery of Agios Nikolas
santorini dominican convent saint catherine
santorini catholic cathedral saint john the baptist
santorini orthodox cathedral

Things to do

To begin with, explore the island to discover the sightseeings, beaches and villages
In addition, choose from a lot of amazing trekking routes. Noteworthy, generally are not long or difficult. Yet, you'll see the island in a more special way.
Afterwards, go on the boat trip to the volcano and the hot springs. See a still active volcano or swim in thermal water with therapeutic ingredients
Then, explore the Santorini diving sites inside of the caldera. Also can dive on the Aegean side of the island.
Definitely visit some of the many Santorini wineries. Due to the volcanic soil and the special climate, will enjoy a unique taste of the local wine.
Try watersports, take courses and practice surfing, canoe kayak, SUP, jet ski, parasailing, discover Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
And, for sure, go to a Spa. Relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with the help of traditional therapies

Over the year


santorini winter

December, January, February: always an amazing landscape and wild beauty. Mild, no snow but some rains. Therefore, many restaurants, hotels and businesses are closed and the beaches are empty. Most noteworthy, winter in Santorini feels more like autumn in Western Europe.


santorini spring

March, April, May. First of all, is the beginning of the high season and many businesses open. Consequently, by the end of May, all of them will be 100% operational. Lovely sunny days, occasionally some rain. As a result, the beaches are getting busier day by day because the weather is amazing. Above all, May in Santorini feels like summer in major European cities.


santorini summer

June, July, August. This is the high season. So, the island gets really crowded. However, you will have a wonderful vacation. The weather is super hot, more than 30°C and no rains.


santorini autumn

September, October, November. For many of the hotels, restaurants and other businesses, October is their last operational month. November is getting slightly colder and swimming is less possibly. But, chances are that you will also get many super sunny days with 20°C


Santorini, is an island located in the southern Aegean Sea. Is one of the Cyclades islands, and it’s about 200 km (120 mi) southeast of Greece’s mainland.
Was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. As a result, the crescent-shaped island is the largest of a small, circular archipelago. It has an 76.19 km² area and a maximum length of 18 km

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How to get there

There are 2 ways to get on this island from Athens, by ferry boats or by plane.

By boat / ferry

First of all, by ferry boats you can get from the Athens ferry port Piraeus, to Santorini. And, in this case, you get to choose between a  8 hours trip with Slow Ferry and a 5 hours trip by the Fast Ferry. In particular, no sea sickness on Slow Ferry. In contrast, the trip by Fast Ferry is a little more bumpy.

Once in Athens airport, to go to ferry port Piraeus. For this, take the X96 bus just outside from the airport. It runs 24/7 and there is one at every 30 mins. Go to the Syntagma Square, the most central point in Athens. Will get there in 40 minutes. From there, take the metro from Monastiraki Square or Omonoia Square to Piraeus ferry port.  Will take you in 30 minutes just outside Port Gate for the ferries to Santorini.

By plane

However, you can get to Santorini much faster by plane, from Athens it’s a flight that only take 45 minutes.
The international airport in Santorini is located on the East side of the Greek island. It’s close to Kamari village. Remember that is also known as Thira Airport.

Certainly, there are no direct flights from USA or Asia to Santorini. But, you can get there, especially between April and October, from other European cities. For example Vienna, Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Brussels, Bristol. Also from Venice, Bari, Naples, Palermo, Cologne, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam. Furthermore from London Heathrow, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zurich.

Useful information

During the vacation rent a car to move around easier, but be careful what’s on the contract.
Noteworthy, the buses are cheap, are labeled, efficient, make regular stops.
Also, can buy your tickets directly on the bus.
Due to geothermal systems, the hot spring smells like sulfur.
For sure, never expect something to be on time, ferries either. It seems that time runs differently. 🙂
As for the romantic sunset in Oia - be prepared to share it with tones of tourists.
Finally, take the cable car up the hill, from the old port in Fira or ready to climb many stairs.

Santorini is a greek island like no other!

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