Plitvice Lakes, a magical place!

Plitvice Lakes, a magical place!

Plitvice Lakes, a magical place!

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe!
There is stunning scenery everywhere you turn. In fact, a ten kilometers long wonder of nature, in a mountainous region.
Amazing colours and movements everywhere!
In Plitvice Lakes National Park area are sixteen dark green lakes filled by rivers and streams, interconnected by extremely beautiful foaming falls. Also, almost twenty caves and a various wildlife.


Visiting all this on foot, along a network of boardwalk trails and wooden bridges, it feels like wandering in wonderland!

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest national parks in Croatia. Also, is one of the oldest and is a UNESCO World Heritage from 1979 for its high natural, cultural and tourist significance.


Points of interest

The Upper Lakes in Plitvice Lakes National Park:

First: Prošćansko jezero / Scrub Lake or Crave Lake. The highest lake, at the altitude of 639 m. Consequently, it’s water has a dark green color


Second: Ciginovac / Gypsy’s Lake. Certainly, here is a wonderful viewpoint (Tomićeva pogledala) on the northern shores, up on Stubica hill
Third: Okrugljak / Round Lake. For instance, this one has waters of lighter green / turquoise colours
Forth: Batinovac / Lake Batin or Batić’s Lake. Also, numerous small waterfalls on the edges and the constant sound of the water create unforgettable magic moments
Fifth: Veliko jezero / Large Lake. In particular, it’s waters are of a yellowish / turquoise colours
Sixth: Malo jezero / Small Lake. Definitely the water is green. Also, the shores are bordered by tall trees, many small waterfalls, and low barriers.
Seventh: Vir / Whirlpool. For instance, here the water has a green / blue color
Eighth: Galovac / Galov’s/Galović’s Lake. For sure has amazing surroundings like several waterfalls, a wide formation of travertine and specimens of dolomite rocks.
Ninth: Milinovo jezero / Mile’s Lake. Specifically a shallow lake covered with reed, moss and other low vegetation
Tenth: Gradinsko jezero / Lake Gradina. In particular, its water has a white/milky colour. Also, here is a viewpoint that offers beautiful panoramic views over Gradinsko Lake, Galovacki Buk and Prstavci waterfalls.
Eleventh: Burgeti jezera / Burgeti Lakes. So that, this one has tiny lakes (ponds) separated by porous travertine barriers covered by low vegetation.
Twelfth: Kozjak / Goat Lake. For sure, the largest (82 hectares) and deepest (47m). Consequently, has a dark green/turquoise colour. Also, a small islet Štefanijin otok in the middle of the lake. From here, a small boat can take you to either Upper or Lower Lakes.

The Lower Lakes Plitvice Lakes National Park:

First: Milanovac / Milan’s Lake. Is situated in a canyon, bordered by rocks and cliffs, and up there are several good places to enjoy the fantastic views. The water has a light green and blue colour.
Second: Gavanovac / Gavan’s Lake is in a fairly deep canyon that is bordered by high and inaccessible cliffs
Third: Kaluđerovac / Monk Lake or Hermit Lake. Is in the steepest part of the canyon and up there (approx. 40 m) are some good places to enjoy the views
Forth: Novakovića brod / Novaković’s crossing. The lowest lake at the altitude of 503 m. Has a series of tiny waterfalls.

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park:

Most important, Veliki Slap / Large Waterfall at the end of the Lower Lakes, 78m. In the winter it gets almost completely frozen. This way is forming a lovely giant ice sculpture
Also, Labudovački Slap
And, Galovački buk / Galovac Waterfall


Veliki Prštavac
Equally important, Milka Trnina Waterfalls / Slapovi Milke Trnine – a fantastic and colourful waterfall formed by a series of scenic little cascades
As well as Milanovački Slap. Is located at the barrier of Kozjak lake and Milanovacko jezero (lake)
Another, Sastavci Slap. This is where Korana river drops down
And, of course also the following: Mali Prštavac Slap, Pevalekovi Slapovi, Labudovački Slap, Ciginovac Slap, Batinovac Slap, Kozjacki Slapovi

Things to do

Walking / Hiking on one of the eight routes with length between 3 to 18 km (2.5 – 8 hours):

Trails that starts at Entrance 1 / Lower Lakes (at Plitvice Lakes):

First: Trail A. Is a circular walk of 2.2 miles / 3.5 km. It goes downhill to see Veliki Slap. Turn around at Kozjak Bridge and walk or take the shuttle back to Entrance 1.

Second: Trail B. Is a 2.6 miles / 4 km a circular walk that includes scenic boat trip across the Kozjak lake and a scenic train ride that will take you back to Kozjak bridge, along the eastern part of the lake.

Third: Trail C. It is a circular 8 miles / 8 km that includes scenic boat and train ride. It takes you to the edge of Proscansko lake. Noteworthy, this trail is often closed in the winter time due to snowfalls. However, you can still walk around without using boat or train service.


The trails that starts at Entrance 2 / Upper Lakes (at Plitvice Lakes):

The trails E, F H, that are similar to the ones that starts at Entrance 1, only at reverse.


Trail K is an 18.6 km walk through all of the lakes of the park, without taking the boat or shuttle.

Over the year

Plitvice Lakes are magnificent and breathtaking to visit absolutely in every season. Definitely a year-round destination!

Winter: In particular smaller crowds, maybe some snow, the lakes freeze and the the park is quiet.
Spring: Best time to visit. For sure, during this season the waterfalls are roaring!


Summer: The busiest time to visit the park. Also, water levels tend to be lower, but the colors are amazing
Autumn: Definitely a fantastic scenery with the lakes and all the surrounding in autumn colors.



Plitvice Lakes National Park is central Croatia, between the city Zadar and the capital Zagreb.

How to get there

By air:
The nearest airports:

  • Rijeka Airport (RJK), near the town of Omišalj on the island of Krk, at 10.5 miles / 17 km from the Rijeka railway station
  • Zagreb Airport (ZAG), the busiest international airport in Croatia. It is at 6.2 miles / 10 km south-east of Zagreb Central Station in Velika Gorica
  • Zadar Airport (ZAD), international airport at 5 miles / 8 km from the centre of Zadar.

By train:

  • From the nearest train stations in:
  • Josipdol, from where can take the state road D-42 connects with Plitvice
  • Plaški, at 15.3 miles / 24.6 km on D-42

By car:

  • From the A1 motorway (Autocesta A1) Zagreb–Split, you can exit to Plitvice Lakes National Park in the :
    • north from Karlovac exit
    • west from Otočac exit
    • south from Gornja Ploča exit
  • On the state road D1 (Državna cesta D1), the national highway in Croatia between Zagreb–Split, between Slunj and Korenica

Driving distances to Plitvice Lakes from:

  • Zagreb: 135 km, 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Zadar: 136 km, 2 hours
  • Split: 260 km, 3 hours
  • Dubrovnik: 450 km, 5 hours
  • Pula: 275 km, 3 hours 45 minutes

Useful information

The water in the lakes is polluted and no longer drinkable!
Hunting, fishing and swimming are not allowed.
Start from Entrance 1 early in the morning to walk towards the waterfalls (slightly uphill) and always get to see them in front of you.
Do note that Entrance 2 (higher lakes) is normally closed in winter, but there’s still plenty to explore from Entrance 1
Crowd-free morning hours is almost magical! Try to get there early morning

Plitvice Lakes is a magical place!

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