Niagara falls, a majestic wonder!

Niagara falls, a majestic wonder!

Niagara falls, a majestic natural wonder!

Niagara Falls, formed when Niagara the mighty river plunges over a cliff, offer a stunning representation of the force of nature in full swing.
The rushing green colored waters of Niagara Falls make a tremendous sound when hits the bottom.

It’s definitely impressive by both, power and size!

The Niagara River is about 58 kilometers / 36 miles long. It drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario and form Niagara Falls in its course.
Niagara Falls, with a width of 1203 meters / 3947 feet and a height of 51 meters / 167 feet, is definitely the most famous one in the world!


Niagara Falls is consisted of three adjacent waterfalls: Horseshoe Fall, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls Those three combined, form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America

Horseshoe Falls

niagara-falls horse shoe

Definitely the largest of the three waterfalls that make up the Niagara Falls. Ninety percent of the Niagara River flows over this one.

It is located between: Terrapin Point on Goat Island, New York, United States and Table Rock, Ontario, Canada.

niagara-falls Terrapin Point

Terrapin Point

niagara-falls Goat Island

Goat Island

niagara-falls Table Rock

Table Rock

American Falls is the middle one of the three waterfalls of Niagara Falls. Its height from the top of the Falls to the river is 57 meters / 188 feet.

Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest of the three waterfalls. Has a total vertical drop of 55 meters / 181 feet.

American Falls

Cascada-Niágara American Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Cascada-Niágara Bridal Veil

The majestic waterfall straddle the international border between Canada’s Niagara Falls, Ontario, and United States’s Niagara Falls, New York.
Goat Island is what separates the Niagara Falls Canada from the Niagara Falls US and Bridal Veil.

Two international bridges connect the twin cities of Niagara Falls, from Ontario and New York:

Rainbow Bridge

niagara-falls Rainbow Bridge

A perfect viewpoint that affords the closest view of the Niagara Falls. And, this one is open to non-commercial vehicle traffic and pedestrians.

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge

niagara-falls Whirlpoll Rapids Bridge

The oldest bridge over the Niagara River. It is 0.9 mile / 1.5 km north of the Rainbow Bridge and about 1.2 mile / 2 km from the Niagara Falls.

Points of interest

Definitely, the most complete views of Niagara Falls are from the Canadian shore. This is because the waterfalls are facing that way.

On the Canadian side the falls can be seen from:

  • Queen Victoria Park – the main area for viewing the Falls;
  • Skylon Tower – both Niagara Falls, the American and Canadian one

also you can:

  • First of all, visit The Table Rock Welcome center which is a very popular stop for tourists. Is linked to the higher Falls view Tourist Area by the Falls Incline Railway. It has a multi-level indoor observation complex that offers the possibility to stand close to the water rushing over the brink of the Horseshoe Falls;
  • Furthermore, go on the Journey Behind the Falls to see a once-in-a-lifetime view from observation deck. Also, you’ll feel the thunderous vibration of the fall while you explore the 130-year-old tunnels through the bedrock;
  • Finally, walk to the Maid of the Mist docks to build memories mist-covered, while experience the crushing waves. Even more, enjoy the breathtaking views of the world’s most amazing natural wonders.

On the American side the Falls can be seen from:

  • Prospect Point Park – American Falls and Illuminated American Rapids;
  • Prospect Point Observation Tower – panoramic view of all three Niagara Falls;
  • Goat Island – Bridal Veil and American Falls;
  • Boat tour with Made of Mist;
  • Luna Island – Bridal Veil and American Falls;
  • Cave of winds – Bridal Veil and American Falls;
  • Terrapin Point – Horseshoe Falls;

and, you can also:

  • First of all, take a walk from the Falls Experience Visitors Center to Prospect Point;
  • Furthermore, catch the Maid of the Mist for a unforgettable journey;
  • Also, walk to Goat Island;
  • And then visit the Three Sisters Island. You can get here on a Foot bridge from Goat Island;
  • Another visit should be at the Cave of the Winds,This is a trip that takes you closer to the falls. Also, can go a tour over a series of wooden walkways to the famous “Hurricane Deck”;
  • Finally, go to Terrapin Point to get next to the thundering Horseshoe Falls
Cascada-Niágara panorama

Things to do

In Niagara Falls Canada

In Canada, The Queen Park Victoria, extends from the brink of the Canadian Falls to the Rainbow Bridge. Certainly this is a great location for viewing the Niagara Falls and night fireworks.

Also, you can access and enjoy at Niagara Falls:

  • Most importantly, go on a boat tour below the falls to experience exciting rides up close to the cascades of Niagara Falls;
  • Maybe, view Niagara Falls from the zipline. “Fly” along the edge of the vast Niagara river Gorge to the Falls observation landing;
  • For instance, take a 45 minutes journey behind the falls. There are viewing portals behind the massive sheet of water;
  • Also, enjoy a relaxing visit at the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. Also gives you the chance to take a break from the great numbers of tourists near the falls;
  • Evenmore, experience the Niagara SkyWheel to see another view of the falls from 175 feet above. Especially at night when you can also enjoy the illuminated falls;
  • Finally, see the falls from 775 foot high at the Skylon Tower.

In Niagara Falls Canada, the bus route WeGo transits along the Niagara River from Table Rock to Queenston Heights Park. Has thirteen different stops. It will take you closer to the following attractions:

  • The beautiful Botanical Gardens;
  • Butterfly Conservatory – a visit is an uplifting experience;
  • White Water Walk – a walk along the boardwalk close by the rapids, an area where the water travels at speeds that create the Whirlpool Rapids;
  • Whirlpool Aero Car – traverse the gorge in a car suspended from six cables.
  • The unique floral clock next to the Power Generating station in Niagara Falls;
  • The Brook’s Monument in Queenston Heights Park. Here is a magnificent view towards Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls;

In Niagara Falls New York

  • First of all, visit Niagara Falls Welcome Center to figure out what to do, where to go and how to get there;
  • Also, visit the Niagara Discovery Center to learn about the natural and local history of Niagara Falls and the Niagara Gorge;
  • Furthermore, take advantage of a fantastic learning experience at Aquarium of Niagara Falls;
  • Equally important, enjoy history and visit Old Fort Niagara where you can see the ancient cannons and explore the underground gunpowder rooms. Can get to the fort using the free
  • Discover Niagara Falls Shuttle;
  • Maybe, have a unique experience with helicopter tours to enjoy the falls from the air even during night;
  • As well, take a Jetboat ride through the Niagara Falls Rapids. Certainly it’s the most exhilarating ride on the planet and you’ll be absolutely soaked;
  • Gamble responsibly at Seneca Niagara Casino;
  • Take a hike down to the river’s edge, the most beautiful hiking trails in North America. See the amazing local flora and fauna of the Gorge. After all, it’s accessible from various points along the Niagara Parkway;
  • Visit the IMAX Niagara Falls. Is something all ages can enjoy;
  • Be amazed by the intense spotlights bathe that the falls in colors in the evenings.

In Niagara Falls New York, the Niagara Scenic Trolley makes a circular route from the Niagara Discovery Center to Goat Island. It’s a 3 miles circular route and has 6 stops. Also, provides information about each area passing by and tips for checking out the park’s most popular attractions.


Over the year


During the winter months the attractions at Niagara Falls are open with the exception of the:

  • Boat Rides below the Falls;
  • Whirlpool Jetboat;
  • Cave of the Winds;
  • Zipline Niagara.


In Spring, at Niagara Falls, are fewer tourists and warming temperatures, also beautiful colorful blooms at the botanical gardens.


During July and August, at Niagara Falls some attractions have really long waiting lines. So, the best time to visit is in the early morning or late afternoon. The free Discover Niagara Shuttle is in full operation making it easy to get from one attraction to another.


During this season Niagara Falls has the plummeting temps but also constitutes harvest season at local wineries

Cascada-Niágara panorama 3


The Niagara Falls is located on the Niagara River, between two twin cities: Niagara Falls Ontario, and Niagara Falls New York.
The falls are at 17 miles / 27 kilometers north-northwest of Buffalo, New York, and 75 miles / 121 kilometers south-southeast of Toronto.

How to get there

By Air:

Canada, Toronto, Lester Pearson International airport is 78 miles / 125 kilometers to the Falls. It serves only U.S. domestic travel. Even more, offer shuttle service (Niagara Airbus) to and from Niagara falls. Due to traffic conditions, it may take up to 90 minutes or more to get to the Rainbow bridge.

US, New York, Buffalo / Niagara International Airport is 25 miles / 41 kilometers to Niagara Falls. It serves many international flights. Also, offer shuttle service to and from Niagara falls in 35 minutes drive you’ll get to Rainbow bridge.

By Train:

In Niagara Falls Canada: Train services (VIA Rail or Go Transit) are available from the train station that is at 2.6 kilometers / 1.6 miles North of the Rainbow Bridge.

In Niagara Falls New York: Train services (AMTRAK) are available from the train station that is at 2.6 kilometers / 1.6 miles from the Rainbow Bridge.

By Car:

To get close to the Falls and parks use your favorite mapping software or GPS.

Niagara Falls Canada: 6650 Niagara Parkway. (River Rd) Niagara Falls, ON L2G 0L0. You will get beside the Horseshoe Falls. Park near the “Table Rock House” adjacent to the Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls New York: 24 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY, 14303. This will bring you at the entrance to the park. Also, here is the base of the bridge to Goat Island. Park on Goat Island or near the Rainbow Bridge at the Niagara Reservation State.

By Bus:

Niagara Falls Canada – Bus terminal at 3.3 Km / 2 miles from the Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls New York – Bus terminal at 1 Km / 6 miles from the Rainbow Bridge.


Useful information

In New York, if your hotel is close to the Falls, you can walk to most local attractions;
Hotels do not provide shuttle service to the Falls from either airport;
Search for official US border and Canadian border crossing information.
To cross over the Rainbow Bridge, both ways, all persons must have a passport or proof of identity;
No matter if you cross by car, on foot or by bike be expected to pay a small toll;
Keep a close eye on your personal items, especially in more crowded areas;
Around the falls hold on to the rails to avoid slipping;
Reserve your parks pass online for big savings on Niagara’s most popular attractions;
Reserve your parks pass online for big savings on Niagara’s most popular attractions

Niagara falls is a majestic wonder!

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