Colibita the sea from the mountains

Colibita the sea from the mountains

Colibita the sea from the mountains

Mariana Holostenco

Colibita is an artificial accumulation lake on the Călimani mountains, county Bistriţa-Năsăud.

The favorable geographic setting, exceptional soil quality, rich forests and deposits of ore are among the reasons why the area has been continuously populated since the earliest of times. The castles of Bistrita, Rodna and Ciceu were heavily fortified in the Middle Ages and steeped in traditions of craftsmanship and trade relations, while the areas of Năsăud and Bistrita formed a bridge between Transylvania and Bucovina towards Moldova, through the Rodna border point. For this reason, Bistrita ranked fifth in the hierarchy of Transylvanian medieval towns. Also due to the important part, it played in the region’s development, Bistrita is currently the county capital.


At the beginning of the 12th century, the history of the Romanians in the area saw strong interference with the history of the Germans brought in by the Arpadian kings, as well as with the history of Hungary, The Habsburg Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the Habsburg Empire so-called border guard regiments were formed from the indigenous population with the task of protecting the eastern part of the empire, for which they enjoyed certain privileges from Queen Maria Theresa.

Sights of Colibita

On the way from Bistrita to Vatra Dornei the traveler encounters the long line of communes known as Bârgaie: Rusu Bârgăului, Josenii Bârgăului, Mijlocenii Bârgăului, Susenii Bârgăului, Prundul Bârgăului, Tiha Bârgăului, and Mureșenii Bârgăului.
From Prundul Bârgăului, right across from the church, the road that makes a left leads towards Colibita through Bistrita Bărgăului. The great majority of the people in the region earn their living from agriculture, raising animals and woodworking.

As one exits Bistrita Bărgăului the landscape becomes more and wilder, the road starts winding and climbing, and after approximately 7 km one reaches the Colibita dam and reservoir. Only (a fairly large) part of the lake is visible from the dam, a ”small” portion that requires a 2-hour drive to go around. The trip is worth making though: nature’s beauty surrounds you, and in the distance, the mountains that surround the lake (Strunioru și Bistricioru) are also visible.


Lake Colibita is an artificial reservoir in the Călmani Mountains, Bistrita-Năsăud county, created through the construction of the Colibita dam on the river Bistrita. The dam was built between 1977 and 1991 with the purpose of obtaining hydro energetic power, supplying the towns and factories downstream with water, irrigation, as well as the regularization of the Bistrita river’s water flow. Lake Colibita has a surface of 270 ha, a length of 13 km and a total volume of 65 mil m3, located at an altitude of 900 m.

Points of interest

The area near Colibita offers countless possibilities of adventures and relaxation for mountain lovers, regardless of the season: excursions, hikes (Taul Zânelor, Borcut mineral waters springs, mountain paths – 3.5 hr marked path to Vf. Bistricioru, Dracula Castle near Tihuta Pass – altitude of 1100 m), mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, fishing, sleigh rides etc.near Colibita

The Tăul Zânelor lake

Located in the north-western part of the Călimani mountains at the base of the north-eastern slope of the Tiganca peak (1595 m), Tăul Zânelor is a lake with the specific flora and fauna of mountain lakes, located approximately 6-8 km from Colibita.
The lake was formed behind a wave of debris started from the northern slope of the Tiganca peak. The waters gathered with the passing of time gradually formed an approximately 75 m long, 50 m wide ride and 4 m deep (maximum) lake.
The lake is surrounded by a beautiful forest with a small clearing in the northern side.

Location and access

From București:
București – Brașov – Târgu Mureș – Bistrita – Mureșenii Bârgăului – Colibita

From Arad and Oradea
Arad – Oradea – Aleșd – Gilău – Cluj Napoca – Apahida – Gherla – Dej – Bistrita – Mureșenii Bârgăului – Colibita

Colibita the sea from the mountains

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